ALERT – Contact House Finance Members to Support $1 Tobacco Tax

Smoking cost!

SB-420 would increase the state’s cigarette tax by $1.00 to $1.55 as well as increase the tax on other tobacco products from 7% to 12% and institute a tax on e-cigerettes. This bill is currently pending in the House Finance Committee.

The economic toll tobacco takes on human lives in West Virginia is enormous. The state spends over $900 million a year on the direct health care costs of smoking, according to the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health.

It is well documented that increasing the price of tobacco products is the single most effective strategy in reducing tobacco use, especially among youth.

Passage of the $1 increase in the cigarette tax may be the most important vote the legislature will cast this year and will have the greatest long term impact. In addition to providing revenue in this very challenging budget year and into the future, passage of a substantial tobacco tax increase will save lives and prevent thousands of West Virginia children from a lifetime of addition.

Contact members of the House Finance Committee TODAY and  ask them to support the tobacco tax increase amounts in SB-420 as it passed the Senate.

House Finance Committee Members:

House Finance Chairman Eric Nelson: Phone: 304-340-3230; Email:

Vice Chairman Eric Householder: Phone: 304-340-3274; Email:

Minority Chairman Brent Boggs: Phone: 304-340-3142; Email:

Minority Vice Chairwoman Nancy Guthrie: Phone: 304-340-3156; Email:

Delegate Bill Anderson: Phone: 304-340-3168; Email:

Delegate Mick Bates: Phone: 304-340-3180; Email:

Delegate Jim Butler: Phone: 304-340-3199; Email:

Delegate Ray Canterbury: Phone: 304-340-3131; Email:

Delegate Paul Espinosa: Phone: 304-340-3130; Email:

Delegate David Evans: Phone: 304-340-3151; Email:

Delegate Cindy Frich: Phone: 304-340-3125; Email:

Delegate Marty Gearheart: Phone: 304-340-3179; Email:

Delegate Bill Hamilton: Phone: 304-340-3167; Email:

Delegate Linda Longstreth: Phone: 304-340-3124; Email:

Delegate Carol Miller: Phone: 304-340-3176; Email:

Delegate Ricky Moye: Phone: 304-340-3162; Email:

Delegate John O’Neal: Phone: 304-340-3164; Email:

Delegate Dave Pethtel: Phone: 304-340-3158; Email:

Delegate Doug Reynolds: Phone: 304-340-3280; E-mail:

Delegate Erikka Storch: Phone: 304-340-3378; Email:

Delegate Ron Walters: Phone: 304-340-3194; Email:

Delegate Terry Waxman: Phone: 304-340-3171; Email:

Delegate Steve Westfall: Phone: 304-340-3140; Email:


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