Protect Tobacco Control Funding – Contact Legislators NOW

Over the past several years the funding dedicated to tobacco use eduction, cessation and prevention has been reduced by 45%. Even at the height of state funding West Virginia has never reached the level of funding recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address this serious health issue.

The toll of tobacco in West Virginia is staggering!

Tobacco is the leading public health problem in West Virginia. With some of the highest use rates in the nation, tobacco causes 4,300 deaths each year and 47,000 kids alive today will ultimately die due to tobacco use. In addition to the cost in lives tobacco is a drain on our economy.

Annual health care expenditures in the State directly caused by tobacco use are $1.00 billion and the cost to the State Medicaid program alone is $277.3 million. These numbers can be changed though through prevention, education and cessation efforts. West Virginia can not afford to cut back on funding to fight this public health menace.

Legislators should be strongly urged to continue to fund tobacco prevention and education programs at the FY 2017 level. To further reduce this line item beyond what has already been cut in recent years will cripple the tobacco program and will negatively impact every community in the state – including their district. The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free West Virginia, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and American Lung Association stand strongly in urging you to contact your members of the West Virginia House of Delegates and Senate and urge them to fund tobacco prevention programming so that these services essential to public health in West Virginia continue.


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